Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Our favourite things in Cuba

Things we liked

  • Mojitos 2.50 - 3.00 CUC
  • Daiquiris 2.50 - 3.00 CUC
  • Ice creams (best was in Cienfuegos, condensed milk, and vanilla with choc chip) 5 MN per cone
  • Black bean soup free with casa meals
  • Town dogs - around the smaller towns like trinidad and vinales there are lots of friendly dogs that just hang around the street. They all seem to be similar types of medium sized dogs and are very well behaved. They love getting a bit of attention from tourists.
  • Lobster 10 CUC (15 for fancy pants, sometimes less than 10 in popular areas)
  • Tukola(and other nacional refrescos) 1.00 CUC at bar
  • Cristal beer 1-1.50 CUC
  • Old american cars
  • Pizza bread 10mn at local joints if u can, 2 CUC for tourist places
  • Rum - from 3.80 CUC a bottle. 6.00 CUC for an aged one!
  • Casa owners
  • Music - live groups are playing somewhere everyday, mostly on the bars and restaurants.
  • Trinidad- or favourite place in Cuba (we assumed it would be Havana)

Things we didn't

  • Old car exhaust
  • Fruit overdose
  • Government service
  • Getting hassled, a lot of people are friendly nut some want stuff and you can trek those that do because they remedially mention that their wife had recently had a baby, either there is an incredible amount of babies being born, out they realise that it is the best way to tug at the heart strings. Before asking you for money they offer you some crap gift' then hit you for some pesos for some crap.

Conversion rate at time of travel:

  • 1 CUC = $1.16
  • 1 MN = $0.05


  1. Brings back wonderful memories for us :)

  2. Does the fashionable lycra still persist.

  3. Fashionable lycra... hmmm didn't notice a lot, but perhaps I am immune to lycra with so many mamils around these days

  4. Is there any more blog posts to come?