Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Los Angeles

So after a long flight we touched down in sunny LA, the first stop on our Mexico-Cuba adventure. We wandered to the Farmers Market near our hotel the Beverley Laurel in Mid Town (don't let the fancy name fool you, it is simply a combination of the cross streets it is on). We could tell you more about the Farmers Markets if we bothered to read anything but we were stuffed and just needed some shut eye, which we succumbed to late afternoon. After a rest we walked to sample some delicious American IPAs with lobster and clam rolls at Connie and Ted's. Although enjoyable we decided walking was not the right way to go in getting around LA.

Next day we decided to venture further afield to downtown LA, which is going through somewhat of a revival. Although our first choice of transport was the bus we instead settled for a cab and had an eventful ride with a jerk driver who firstly did not know where a pretty main attraction was, but then proceeded to tell us that downtown was crap and we should go somewhere else if we're wanted to see LA. Although committed in his argument we decided to trust our instinct and that of the author of a great travel article on LA Paul read while waiting to see the doctor in South Yarra. Needless to say the guy was wrong, dickhead. We enjoyed a few of the sites in downtown including the Grand Central Market for some very tasty Mexican lunch and then onto the fashion district where were felt we were already in Mexico! Once we had our downtown fill we decided to get the bus to Beverley Hills, which although successful was a long trip with some pretty random characters, it seems if you can afford to buy a car in LA you do.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown 
We stumbled upon Angel Park which appeared in a recent movie, 500 Days of Summer
After the eventful bus we had a stroll around Beverley Hills and settled for a few half price cocktails at a great little bar in West Hollywood before wandering home (on foot). We then enjoyed a late night meal at the diner attached to our hotel before heading to bed ready for an early morning dash to the airport.

Enjoying cocktails at West Hollywood


  1. It's been a long time between drinks......

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  3. It's great to finally start reading about your adventures