Monday, 30 August 2010

Trento Italy First Weekend

Saturday morning (28th) we embarked safely and without seat loss after an interesting last leg of the train journey from Munich to Trento. On which if you have the only 2 unreserved seats on a 1st class carriage on a 10hr ride, your seats are considered fair game if one of you goes to get some coffee or lunch from the dining car! We were met at the station by Joss' older sister Emma, whom we would be staying with in Trento, and after the better part of a month of travel without a friendly face, it was a very welcome change.

We had timed the arrival well as Sunday the 29th was Joss' birthday, so most of the weekend was spent familiarising ourselves with the beautiful town of Trento and celebrating the turn from 26 to 27 for Joss. In between we were able to find a replacement camera for Paul after looking all around Berlin and St Petersburg with no luck!

The view from the balcony overlooking the piazza from the inside and outside
Delicious pre-birthday dinner celebration at Tre Garofani, a bit of a Trento favourite.
Happy Birthday Joss, lunch and the cake!

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