Saturday, 14 August 2010

Trans Mongolian Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk

Thursday night (12 th) 9:10pm we finally embarked, wet and tired we were happy to be on board. The trip to Irkutsk would take about 36hrs, with us arriving about 8am on Saturday. We were sharing the cabin with a Czech traveller, who had spent a week trekking around Baikal with her brother and friend, and an older Russian man, returning home to Irkutsk. No dining car meant we had to be more prepared than the last trip, so were equiped for the journey this time with cheese, bread, salami, fruit, biscuits and instant coffee sachets! Although it doesn't sound like much it made for some simple but tasty eating onboard.

A couple of notable events:
In the cabin next to us we met a couple, an Aussie guy and English girl who lived in Crows Nest right near us for 4 years. They were taking a long holiday/travel on the Trans-Siberian before heading to the UK to live.

The other thing that happened was that Paul's camera was stolen. Without going into too many details we are pretty certain that it was a Mongolian who took it en route to Irkutsk with 4 days of pictures that we will never see, which was the reason that we didn't have the full compliment of photos for the previous blog. Fitting that a selfish act by 1 person deprives us of being able to show some of the beautiful sites of his country.

So although it isn't going to ruin our trip, it certainly was a hassle to have it stolen and put a bit of a dampener on the train trip.

R.I.P D5000 mk1

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  1. pity about the camera but remeber it can be replaced. You will have the memories and a great story to tell!!!