Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sakura at Ueno Park

PM: Well while Joss was working at the conversation cafe today, I thought I would go and check out the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) at Ueno park. It is famous for the Sakura and a lot of people go there for 'Hanami' parties, and today was no exception. The park was packed with people, both wondering around like myself and sitting around on tarps enjoying food and drink. The well organised had brought flat pack boxes and had made tables, this is Japan after all! It certainly made our Jazz in the Domain efforts seem quite amateur indeed. Needless to say that apart from the set ups, I was quite envious of the food and drink spreads. Here are some pics.

The crowds at one of the main paths, lined with Sakura.
This geriatric needed a standing frame.
Old but it sure was impressive, worth the effort to keep it upright
A temple hidden by Sakura.


  1. The Cherry Blossoms look amazing, i can understand why its such a popular time to visit Japan. Will they be all gone by the time we come over?

  2. Unfortunately yes they will. Might be the last weekend this weekend, don't worry although they look amazing, they bring the crowds.

  3. We visited Ueno Park on our last day (13th april) and the blossoms had almost disappeared. The trees still looked beautiful tho, as all the new green leaves came out...

  4. PM: Did you find the old tree with the standing frame?