Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Jan and Grant Visit Tokyo

Hi again

Well we have had another successful and action packed weekend with Joss' parents Jan and Grant. They arrived last Thursday night, and after settling into their hotel we took them to Za Watami, which has become a bit of a favourite of ours. We did have some sakes, but not as many as last time.

On Friday Joss, Jan and Grant went to check out a few of the Tokyo sites.
On Friday night after Paul finished work (PM: sshhh, I may have had an early mark) we had a few afternoon drinks and then headed out to dinner to a restaurant called Nabezo, about 10min by train from Oimachi. Nabezo is a shabu shabu/sukiyaki/nabe restaurant, basically all 3 are varieties of Japanese hot pot, where you cook meat and veges in broths at the table. We went for the 2 hours of eat and drink whatever you can option! It was great! Apart from the fantastic food, the decor inside was impressive, the magazine that we found out about it in called the decor Tim Burtonesche. See the pics and judge for yourself.

Inside Nabezo
Grant and Jan in our little booth.
Shabu shabu in action (we had sukiyaki and miso broths)

Our little booth, conveniently located by the vegetable bar! When we arrived the waiter gave us little serviettes to cover our bags. They think of everything!

Saturday we took a day trip out of Tokyo and went to Kuneguma, which is a beach south of Yokohama, and on a clear day Mt Fuji can be seen. However, although the skies were perfectly clear, Fuji was somehow hiding itself behind low clouds on the horizon. We were disappointed not to see Fuji but it was a nice trip out to the beach nonetheless. After that we went to the Ramen museum. For us it was our 3rd visit, and we did a rough calculation and realized that we have been to approximately 26 different ramen shops in our time here so far! And that does not include the few that we have gone to more than once!

Saturday night was a quiet night and an attempt at a home cooked Japanese dinner.

Kuneguma (Fuji is in the other direction)
The Ramen museum
Amongst the action, ready for our first bowl
Outside the Ramen Museum

At home ready to tuck in

Sunday was another day planned around food. We went to Namjatown where we have been previously for gyoza, dessert and ice-cream! Afterwards we wandered around some of the street markets in Ueno, and then onto Sushi train for dinner near out place.

Jan and Grant at Namjatown, after trying 6 varieties of gyoza.

The shark fin ramen flavoured ice cream. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as it sounds. Bit like ice-cream with some bits... bits of shark!

Out to sushi train for some proper seafood.


  1. 6 kinds of Gyoza, Yum!
    Not sure about that Shark fin ice cream though.

    have you guys been to any of the themed restaurants like this one?

  2. No not yet, but we can arrange it!