Thursday, 23 September 2010

Italy Roundup

This is a bit of a fill the gaps blog of the things we did whilst we were staying in Trento between our trips away to Rome, Tuscany and Cinque Terre/Lake Como.

Mostly we were happy to just hang around and relax from our travels and eat, drink and soak up the very favourable Italian lifestyle. One of our favourite restaurants and which is also Emma's favourite, was Tre Garofani and we went on our first night in Trento and also our last!

We also took a day trip to Bologna which was where Emma used to live and Joss had spent a fair bit of time. We had a great feast for lunch and wandered around the markets and shops getting supplies for some cooking at home. Actually Paul did a fair bit of cooking whilst we had a base and kitchen! (PM: cooking with fresh local ingredients was fantastic, I even made pasta 3 times, although only one could be considered a success)

Luckily for us, the timing of our weekend stays coincided with both a medieval festival and a food festival (well the first weekend anyway - the food festival ran for 4!) The medieval festival included people dressed up in historic garb, archery, flag twirling, and lots of drums. As the majority of it took place in the main square, we enjoyed it from the comfort of the balcony.

The food festival was a bunch of semi permanent tents set up in a piazza about 5 min walk from the apartment. In the main tent a different local restaurant would cook lunch and dinner. It was a good way to try different foods and restaurants from around the region!

Trento, by the river and from the top of the cable car

Bologna, looking through a window in the wall
Shopping for supplies
Making fresh pasta... well just made
Looking out into the square with the festivities
The food festival tent
Trento castle
Joss and Emma taking a drive
Final dinner at Tre Garofani

Overall we both loved Italy, which was no real surprise to either of us (particularly Joss as it was her 4th trip!) There is no doubt we will return again!

Our Top Italian ...
Coffee Espresso @ Sant' Macchiato @ Sant'
Eustachio Eustachio
Gelato Ricotta & Pistacio @ Caffe & Ricotta @
Ciuri Ciuri in Rome Ciuri Ciuri in Rome
Pizza For both: Local wood fired in Trento
(we didn't have a lot of pizza)
Pasta Spagetti carbonara @ Seafood & Tomato @
Maccheroni Rome Cinque Terre
Meal Tre Garafoni in Undecided -
Trento - last night. too many to choose
Wine For both: SommarovinaNebiollo @ the wine bar
in Lake Como


  1. How come you guys look so skinny?

  2. wow it all liiks so beautiful. YThe food looks very yummy. I am not so sure about the camera lens you look thinner Paul in the pic with home made pasta. See you soon mum

  3. PM: Well I am not that skinny any more... too much good food in Italy, and well general eating ever since!

  4. Hope you guys remember how to make those dishes for when you get home. yum.