Friday, 30 July 2010

July Our Last Month in Tokyo

Although we had a busy time organising our trip and shipping, we still had time to head out and do a few of the things on our to do list. On the weekend of the 3rd and 4th we made one final visit to our favourite shopping area Kappabashi Dori to get ourselves some pottery and cooking knives to send home. We also incorporated a quick visit to Sensoji Temple and a cruise down the Sumida River. On our way to the cruise starting point we also happened upon a street festival with lots of people and food and drink stalls (and of coruse being Japan they all sold beer).

The street festival and boat

Our second last weekend (17th - 18th) we bought tickets to a day and night music festival called Audio Tokyo which was held in a great venue: the overseas passenger terminal that had a great view over Tokyo. We had a fun night and met a few new friends.

Early on in the afternoon

And early on the next morning...

PM: Last but not least was my final darts night, I have been playing each week with my language exchange friend Akira and a bunch of other dart enthusiasts. I was sad to leave, but we had a great send off night.

The darts crew (from top left): Nakano, Paul, Akira, Hamaji & Rika.

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  1. Woohoo they are finally coming home !!!!!!!but I am glad your last monthe were so exciting