Monday, 31 May 2010

Visit to Kamakura

Saturday of the weekend just gone we decided to take a day trip out to Kamakura to look around and have a bit of lunch. We had a great time exploring and eating, here are some photos.

This bell is a national treasure

Although it wasn't actually the main temple building we found this wooden one far more interesting.

Standing under the cover of the wooden structure

Looking up the stairs to the wooden building - we got the idea for this photo from a postcard on sale in the little stand at the front.

We stumbled upon this nice walkway which led eventually up to a park surrounding by forest.
A very friendly Japanese man saw us taking photos and offered to take one for us, however because it was Paul's SLR he wasn't too sure how to use it and ended up taking a really close photo with the super wide angle lens, making us look quite distorted!

After all the walking we felt we deserved an icy beverage

The spread

There is a brewing company in Kamakura that makes some very impressive beer, unfortunately it only seems to be on sale in Kamakura.


  1. I hope you travelled by Green Car

  2. Yes we did!
    Well on the trip home anyway, with some Kamakura Brewery ales for the journey.

  3. your photos are looking really great. Were these all taken on your 10mm lens?
    Missing everything in Japan. Already taken a trip to Tokyo mart to stock up on food and coffee in a can (sorry no rainbow Boss's though)

  4. Mix of the 10-20mm and the 30mm.
    No rainbow boss?! Disaster, what coffees do they have?

  5. I love the photo that the Japanese man took of the two of you.