Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Roots @ Billboard and Ice Skating?!

The Roots Live @ Billboard Live

It all started 3 Wednesdays ago, when we were perusing the Metropolis magazine (for English speakers/readers) and stumbled across an ad for a Roots gig live in Tokyo. Being big fans, and having seen them in Sydney, there was no other thing to do than buy tickets! They also happened to be playing at a venue we had been hoping to go to, Billboard Live. 2 birds, one, well you get the idea. For those who have not heard, the Roots are best described as a Jazzy Hip Hop jam band, their show provides a bit of everything!

Finally the night arrived (last Friday), needless to say we were both very excited and eager to be once again acquainted with a group of such high caliber. After a few warm up bevvies whilst getting ourselves prepared we embarked upon the short journey, with plenty of time to cover any mishaps - although with Tokyo public transport this was a remote possibility! However, something we did not expect was the utter uselessness of the map provided and the mis-representational sign posting (Apparently Billboard Live can also known as Live Music Restaurant!) After a frustrating 45min we arrived at the venue just before the Roots were due to go on.

And once we took our seats with our complimentary beverage, all frustrations disappeared, we were presented with a fantastic view of the stage in an intimate venue of approx 200 - 250 people, and a seat! We will be returning to this venue as many times as possible, so for those visiting, get in early with dates and we will check out what is on and go to something!

True to their reputation it was a fantastic show, and in the relatively short set they played (they had another straight after!) we recognised the covers from at least this list:

Led Zep: Immigrant Song
Guns n Roses: Sweet Child o' Mine
George Thorogood: Bad to the Bone
Kool & the Gang: Jungle Boogie

Here are some pics (illegal)

This was the view from our seats as the curtain was closing. The green in the background was an ice scating rink (yes really, they are green lights making it look like putt putt, funnily enough it was a VW Golf promo, go figure)

The roots in action, they were so close it was fantastic

Us, actually we didn't realise til later that no photos were not allowed so we were lucky to get these.

After the gig, we were on a bit of a high from the show and after seeing the ice skating, figured, why not?! So we did some late night ice skating in Tokyo! It was pretty damn exciting night.

The ice skating rink

Us, rink in background.

Joss ready to go.

Paul in action


  1. Didn't either of you stack?
    I was hoping for a shot of one (or both even funnier) sprawled out on the green ice!
    Ice skating after drinking, it seemed like a realistic expectation....

  2. sooo is ice skating the same as roller blading? Is that why you two looked as if you had mastered the art of ice skating? It all looks reeally exciting. Cant wait to see theae places in person. Next stop the Winter Olympics!!!!!
    love mum