Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ari and Lloyd Update

PM: After a lot of interest in Ari and Lloyd I thought I would provide another update. It is also an opportunity to show off some of the photos taken with my new toy, a Nikon D5000. I finally took the plunge and bought an SLR!

I think the best way to update on the turtles is with some photos:

Ari and Lloyd getting some "sun". They don't do this very often so this shot was quite lucky.

Just hangin.

Ari and Lloyd both hang out a lot together, Lloyd is generally more inquisitive and the first to explore and try new things. I can't really tell who is who in this photo though.

Yes that is right we have thrown some fish into the mix.
Because turtles are natural hunters I thought it would be a good idea to provide them with some live food, and a bit of exercise.

The prize catch.

Preparing for the hunt.

Action shot: this is a pretty blurry photo (it was taken in low light and with some quick movements) but if you look closely you can see a turtle (Lloyd) at the bottom with his mouth wide open going in for the kill. The orange blob in the centre is the prize catch. Unfortunately Lloyd was not successful on this occasion. In fact, after some initial interest in the fish when they first took residence in the tank, the turtles have all but given up. I am doubting their so-called hunting ability.

However I do hold out some hope. Since we are off to Osaka, the turtles will not be fed for a few days (don't worry I have checked and it is totally OK for them to be without food for this long). I am hoping that they get hungry enough to start the hunt again!

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  1. Nice, thats a sure way to force them into action. I hope your a few fish short when you return