Thursday, 5 November 2009

October Roundup - Long Overdue

Due to popular demand, we are back with our October update.
As the title says this is long overdue. We apologise - we meant to update it numerous times, but well, didn't...

So, since our last post there have been a few things to get up to speed on. Probably the best way is with some pics and descriptions. We know this is a bit crazy and different format to our previous posts, but hey, we like to live on the edge.

First up was the Ramen Museum in Yokohama. For the uninitiated, Ramen is a noodle soup that is very popular in Japan (especially after a few shochus). It comes in one of 4 varieties:
Shoyu (soy), Tonkotsu (pork), Miso (miso), Shio (salt). This is the main ingredient in the soup or stock. We eat ramen at least once a week, so yes we like it!

The Ramen Museum actually is not a museum but a food themed amusement park and the first such in the world (so the brochure said). Inside was a recreated section of 1950s Tokyo, with 9 outlets of bigger ramen restaurants from all around Japan which specialise in 1 type of ramen. At each restaurant you can purchase a full or half size bowl of ramen to try. We only got tried 2, but intend to try all 9.

The recreated section of 1950's Tokyo
Us getting amongst it.

Next up was the Tokyo Motor Show.
Lucky timing that we had a weekend free and the Motor Show was in town. The theme was definitely green. Pics:

Paul in front of the new Lexus.
The see through option.

Something for the kids.

PM: Now although this was the crappest car at the show, it was the most entertaining 'presenter'. The stand was packed with people taking snaps of the errr... car. Clearly the R&D budget was spent on marketing.

Easily the standout of the show. These bad boys hit the street next year.

There were very few non-Japanese cars at the show, however one was an Alfa, apparently it was one of Japan's top 10 best cars for 2009 - 2010.
Seriously this is a hybrid bike. The battery powers as you go downhill and brake.

Next on our list was the Shinagawa Aquarium, which is within walking distance of our place.
We found Ari and Lloyd's older cousin hanging out here. It was a map turtle, albeit a much larger one. For some reason the fish kept biting the turtle's head. (PM: I think it was an Andy fish, with an appetite for turtle)
An even bigger cousin! There were 3 giant green sea turtles in this tank. There was also a cool remote control camera, that you could use to look around the tank with.

On the subject of turtles and the very creative suggestions for Ari & Lloyd's fate (turtle soup was mentioned), we thought we should provide a photo indicating their size.
As you can see, a canape is the best that could be hoped for.

Most recently we explored the area of Tokyo known for it's plastic food and general catering shops, where we found some great things. PM: I particularly liked the knife shops - the Japanese are crazy about their knives. There is a lot of history and culture in their knife making, and some of them are pieces of art. We also stumbled across a building that was painted, well, rather interestingly.

Saturday also being Halloween, we decided to finish the month off with a bang.
Actually it kind of just happened, we were out and about in Roppongi celebrating but decided to call it a moderately early night at around 12. On our way home we of course stopped off for our midnight ramen. Outside the ramen shop we met a few friendly locals who took us to a cool bar in our neighbourhood, where we continued on into the morning.

Us with Masaki.
Kasuki & Masaki at the local bar.


  1. It all looks very exciting. Hopefully you both can help us oganise our trip for next year. Ari and Lloyd look so cute, maybe they have some distant cousins in Ausyralia we can adopt???

  2. I like the look of that food based amusement park.
    Did they have food based rides etc?

  3. PM: No food based rides, just food :)
    They also have a gyoza and ice-cream one.

  4. Oh yum im coming over to try the Gyoza!

  5. OK you two! It's December for goodness sake....... When is the next update going to happen...... I'm in the middle of stocktake and need a distraction...