Friday, 18 September 2009

First Few Days

Hi everyone

Well sorry for the delay, but we have had a busy first few days finding our way around our new hometown Oimachi (大井町 ), and setting up our new home. Although we arrived to a pretty good set up, our sleeping arrangements have been a little … basic. We ordered a new futon from our new favourite shop, OK second favourite shop - our favourite is the huge Daiso shops where you can buy just about anything for 105 yen. Think 2 dollar shop on a massive scale, with goods you would actually want to own - and laid out better, actually come to think of it, it is nothing like those crappy 2 dollar shops.

We have found a few nice restaurants and bars close by, including a couple of tiny 6 seater bars that are at the end of our street, we have only been in one so far. The old couple there were very friendly, we will return!

Here are a few pics:
Our street

The cool little bar at the end of the street

More of our area

PM: Me carrying the new futon home, lucky it came in 2 bits.

We have also done some exploring (between shopping for curtains and other essentials!) of Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku (PM: yep I keep getting them all confused ) and Akihabara. Catching the metro around is a lot of fun, although so far we have managed to avoid being squished in too much.

Us at Shibuya

On Wednesday, after registering as aliens (PM:and let me tell u, I cannot understand a word people are saying here so I might as well be) we went into Shibuya and Tower records, a 7 story music and book store, although mostly it is music. We think this may actually become Paul’s new favourite store, hopefully they have a loyalty card (oh everywhere has loyalty cards, we are going to be the most loyal shoppers around). Today & yesterday we have been just hanging around, getting some much needed rest and sorting out our room. This weekend will be busy with Sumo, a cruise and visiting friends, will have an update post after the weekend.

We have to run, we have friends coming to stay and we are meeting them at the station, stay tuned for more blog posts, they will be a bit more regular in future now that we are all set up.


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  2. Woo, go u Futon shoppers you!

    Now i expect to see glorious photos of the tamiya factory and retail shop.....

  3. WOW it all looks exciting but a little daunting. !!!Too much fun with all that shopping. you will need to send everything home in a container
    love mum

  4. Hmmm yes, well haven't found many Tamiya places just yet...

  5. Hey guys - love the travel blog. Great way to keep up with your trip. And yes I work in IT and have never looked at a blog before..I was proud of that but will sacrifice to learn more about Japan! Looking forward to next update.